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The lessons I learned in Ibiza

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Image: Ibiza Town

Ibiza Town

This is what I learned on holiday in Ibiza:

  1. I’m never again flying from Stansted…
    …and the same goes for flying with Ryanair.
  2. Getting a tan may be bad for the skin…
    …but it’s incredibly good for the soul.
  3. My friends are even more fantastic than I realised…
    …and my best friend knows me frighteningly well.
  4. A jetski is guaranteed to make you look cool…
    …and even falling off one is fun.
  5. Most of the island’s public toilets have run out of soap…
    …and the hand dryers are all broken too.
  6. Mixing beer, mojitos, caramel vodka shots and gin is a tremendously bad idea after six months off booze…
    …and smoking on top of it doesn’t help the situation.
  7. I never used to get knackered after five minutes of dancing…
    …and my stomach never used to wobble either.
  8. The film ‘I, Robot’ in Spanish translates as ‘Yo, Robot’…
    …and this makes me laugh like a seal.
  9. Laughing can make you forget you’re hurting…
    …even if it’s only for a few seconds.
  10. I learned that saying goodbye always hurts like hell…
    …but even more so when it’s your decision.
  11. And that I don’t know what’s worse — only having part of someone…
    …or not having them at all.
  12. That sometimes you shouldn’t dare to hope…
    …because it can be as destructive as despair.
  13. And when you’re missing the person you love…
    …there’s little difference between one mile and a thousand.
  14. That you can run as far as you like from a broken heart…
    …but eventually you have to return and try to mend it.
  15. And even though I didn’t want to come back…
    …it’s also really nice to be home.

Written by guy_interrupted

June 13, 2010 at 11:10 am

2 Responses

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  1. I love how you write it’s so insightful never fails to make me think about things and my life =]

    Couldnt help but laugh at number 8 much like a seal as well but then i couldnt help but ponder thoughtfully at the rest as they were so true!

    jack shaw

    June 21, 2010 at 7:34 pm

  2. […] see, anyone who reads this blog regularly will know that a couple of months ago, I had to make a heartbreaking decision before I went on holiday, regarding someone I loved very much. It was a short, intense affair with a married man. I truly […]

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